Step 1: Contact your Child’s Teacher

  • If your concern, question or suggestion is to do with your child’s class, the best person to contact first is their teacher. So that you can have an uninterrupted conversation, it’s best to book a time to meet. Teacher emails can be found here.
  • You could also phone the office to contact the teacher, or leave a message (478 7074)

Step 2: Contact the Team Leader or a Deputy Principal

  • You may decide that a member of the school leadership is the best person to hear your concern, question or suggestion. You can contact…
    • Team Kahikatea Leader – Yrs 5/6: Emily Osborn (EmilyC @
    • Team Rimu Leader – Yr 4: Philippa Matla (PhilippaM @
    • Team Matai Leader – Yr 3: Felicity Apperley (FelicityA @
    • Team Miro Leader – Yr 2: Erica Leggett (EricaL @
    • Team Totara Leader – Yr 1: Nicola Douthett (NicolaD @
    • Deputy Principal: Felicity Apperley and Erica Leggett

Step 3: Contact the Principal

  • If you have talked to the teacher and/or a Deputy Principal, but need to have a discussion with the Principal; or if you have a serious concern, then please contact Luis Echegaray, Principal at principal @ or phone 478 7074.

Step 4: Contact the Board of Trustees

  • If you are not satisfied with the response from the above staff, then the Board of Trustees can be contacted, through the Board Chair. You can access the BoT Chair’s name and contact details through the school office or here.

Please Note

The above steps are a guide for the sharing of concerns, questions or suggestions. Formal complaints should be made by following the school’s procedure for complaints available from the school’s office or here.

A printable version of this page can be found here.