Regional Public Health has sent a letter to all schools with information about the current reports of measles (English measles) in the Waikato, Northland, Nelson and Levin regions.

Measles is a highly infectious and serious illness. If a student or staff member is diagnosed with measles in your school, other students and staff (teaching, administration, sports coaches and any other staff that have face to face contact with students) will be required to have written evidence that they have either had two doses of measles vaccine (MMR) after they were 12 months of age or doctor diagnosed measles. This information can be found in you/your child’s Wellchild or Plunket book or from a print out from your doctor.

Anyone who does not have evidence of measles immunity will be required to stay off school until 14 days after their contact with the person diagnosed with measles.

Measles vaccine is free from medical centres and we strongly encourage anyone who is not vaccinated to get their vaccine as soon as possible.

An information sheet about measles can be found at: >Public health topics/Infectious diseases/Measles

The letter sent to the school can be found here.