Newsletter 17 (Week 9) 2017

The final newsletter for 2017 can be found here.  The 2018 classroom teacher allocations can be found in this newsletter.  Find out how you can join the newly formed school Whānau Group.

Newsletter 16 (Week 6) 2017

Newsletter 16 can be found here. Congratulations to Holly for being named this year’s West Park School Wellington North Primary Schools’ Citizenship Award recipient. This newsletter also contains information about year 4-6 report schedule, and also the process of class allocation for 2018.

Newsletter 14 (Week 1) Term 4 2017

The first newsletter of Term 4 is available here.  You will find important information about classroom and team structures for 2018.

There is also a message for our School Board of Trustees regarding the annual consultation process with our community.



Newsletter 13 (Week 10)

Newsletter 13 (Week 10) Term 3 can be found here.  You will find important information about the swimming lessons in Term 4, along with the cut off times for payments for each team.

Click here for a copy of the swimming notice.

Newsletter 10 (Week 4)

Newsletter 10 for Week 4 Term 3 2017 can be found here.  In this newsletter there is information about our new roll growth classroom, the visiting Life Education van, Artsplash, Dancesplash and School Production tickets.

Newsletter 9 (Week 7)

Newsletter 9 can be found here.  Some great information on Parallel teaching, Art and Math.  See how to book your Parent/Teacher interview.

What a great success the swimming carnival and school disco were!


Newsletter 8 (Week 5)

Newsletter 8 can be found here.  In here you will find information on how to book the parent/teacher interviews for Years 4-6.  There is some early information about  school photos.

Newsletter 7 (Week 3)

This weeks newsletter can be found here. You will gain some insight into  modern collaborative teaching .

There is information about new subway envelopes and some early details about school photos.