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Newsletter 17 (Week 9) 2017

The final newsletter for 2017 can be found here.  The 2018 classroom teacher allocations can be found in this newsletter.  Find out how you can join the newly formed school Whānau Group.


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Sports Events

    • Yr 0/1: Totara
    • Yr 2: Miro
    • Yr 3: Matai
    • Yr 4: Rimu
    • Yr 5/6: Kahikatea

    Totara End of Year Trip – Rooms 1, 2, 3, 18, 19 & 20

    What a wonderful year we have had! To celebrate the end of year and the wonderful learning that has occurred we are going to take a Totara Trip to Aotea Lagoon, in Porirua. Whilst we are there everyone will have a chance to play on the playground and feed the ducks.

    Transport will be by bus, leaving school at 10am and returning by 2.30pm on Thursday the 14th of December.

    Morning tea and lunch will both occur at the Lagoon so we ask that you please pack a lunch and a water bottle for your child.

    We will also be getting hot chips to be eaten together during lunch time.

    Note that bringing a hat is essential and will be worn whilst at the Lagoon.

    Could you please also apply sunscreen in the morning before school.

    The cost of this trip is $5.80 and can be paid through Kindo here. Permission can also be given through Kindo, or if paying in cash at the office please complete a paper permission slip. Payment and permission is required by the 1st of December.

    If the weather is awful, we do have a wet weather plan. For this we will still travel on the bus to Tawa Library, where we will have story-time and activities relating to our topic of celebrations. We will then have our lunch back at school.

    Team Miro End of Year Trip 2017 – rooms 4, 5, & 6

    As a way to celebrate all of the hard work students have done this year, we would like to take the Year 2 students to Aotea lagoon to have some fun!

    We will need around 4 parents to attend from each class to help with our activities and come on the busses with us, and then would like to invite all parents and siblings to come and join us for lunch from 11:30am to 12:30pm. We will be leaving school at 9:20am, and getting back on the bus at 12:30pm to return to school.

    When: Thursday 14th December

    Where: Aotea Lagoon

    Cost: $6.50

    What to bring: Students will need their hat, drink bottle, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, morning tea and lunch.


    Please ensure that payment and permission is made by Wednesday 6th December. You can pay through our school shop Kindo. Please click here to pay.

    Rimu end of year trip

    The team rimu end of year trip newsletter can be found here.

    The trip is is Wednesday the 13th December, at Aotea Lagoon.

    The cost is $5 and permission and payment can be made through the kindo shop here.





    Johnsonville Scouts are currently looking for new members and welcome Children Age 6-14 for Keas, Cubs and Scouts, if you are interested in joining, please contact our Group Leader Johann Weich  at

    Meeting days: Keas (age 6-8) Thursday; Cubs (age 8-10 1/2 ) Monday / Tuesday; Scouts (10 1/2 – 14) Wednesday.

    We have a free trial period of four weeks for any of our sections and would love to have you come along and give it a try.




    Newlands Intermediate School

    Newlands Intermediate School

    • Open Evening – Tuesday August 8th – 7pm – 8.30pm
    • School in Action Morning – Tuesday August 22nd – 9am – 10.30am
    • Orientation Morning – Friday November 17th – 9am – 12pm



    Springboard & Platform Diving at Kilbirnie Pool

    Wellington Diving Club has a range of diving classes for kids aged 5 years and up. Why not try something new this year? Visit our website and come along for a free trial! We have many after-school sessions on most days and cater for kids of any level from beginners to competitive. We are also running our fun casual sessions on Sundays. For more information, please visit our website