Newsletter 10 (Week 4)

Newsletter 10 for Week 4 Term 3 2017 can be found here.  In this newsletter there is information about our new roll growth classroom, the visiting Life Education van, Artsplash, Dancesplash and School Production tickets.

Newsletter 9 (Week 7)

Newsletter 9 can be found here.  Some great information on Parallel teaching, Art and Math.  See how to book your Parent/Teacher interview.

What a great success the swimming carnival and school disco were!


Newsletter 8 (Week 5)

Newsletter 8 can be found here.  In here you will find information on how to book the parent/teacher interviews for Years 4-6.  There is some early information about  school photos.

Newsletter 7 (Week 3)

This weeks newsletter can be found here. You will gain some insight into  modern collaborative teaching .

There is information about new subway envelopes and some early details about school photos.

Newsletter 6 (Week 1)

Newsletter 6 (Week 1) Term 1 2017 can be found here.  You will find information about the annual Cross Country event and booking for parent/teacher interviews for Years 4-6.